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Auto-Update Mercurial production repository

Create a branch 'production' which contains all changes that should went onto the production server:

hg branch production && hg commit -m "Added new branch 'production'"

Clone repo to remote:

hg clone . ssh://user@host//path/to/repository

On the server, switch to production branch:

hg update production

Now add the following hook into the .hg/hgrc:

Annotation based migrations for XStream

While looking for a simple way to migrate outdated Java models serialized with XStream I found XMT from Robin Shine, described at Migrate Serialized Java Objects with XStream and XMT. Hell, this was exactly what I was looking for! Instead of fiddling with multiple outdate Java classes that only exists for legacy reasons, just modify the DOM document before unmarshaling the thing with XStream!

Use autofs to wake fileserver on demand

This is the continuation of "Suspend NAS when idle".

I want to automatically resume my NAS server from suspend to ram when accessing the media directory, e.g. via XBMC. I'm connecting my clients via sshfs, so if you're using SMB/CIFS, you have to modify the fstype parameters. The implementation is based upon

Required tools:

Suspend NAS when idle

My NAS with 4TB RAID-5 storage consumes round about 40-45 Watt. Not very much for a "full featured" Athlon X2 4600+ Linux systems, but running 24/7 it produces around 70 EUR per year on energy costs, so I would like to suspend it to ram when idleing. But since I don't want to press a button or running wake-on-lan manually when watching a video, my HTPCs (a Mac Mini running Ubuntu and a Raspberry Pi running XBian) should wake it automatically when accessing the media directory.

Custom dyndns service

Since stopped it's free service, and didn't work on my Fritz!Box, I've created a custom dyndns service with very little overhead. If you want to use it, you have to run your own DNS server for a zone that will be updated. Tested with Bind 9, might work with other named's, too.

It can be used to assign any hostname under DOMAIN to an IP address.