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Mod: Wii Sensor Bar with USB power supply

My Wii Sensor Bar is built of two arrays of IR-LED that get its power from a proprietary port on the Wii / WiiU. Since I have a beamer as second screen with its own Sensor Bar, a Wii-to-HDMI-Adapter and a 4x2 HDMI switch I don't want to unplug and reconnect the sensor bar cable anymore when I switch from one screen to the other.

My idea: connect one sensor bar to the USB port of the TV, and the other one to the USB port of the beamer, so both will only be enabled when the specific screen is in use. Another reason to get power from an external power supply could be that you have both, a Wii and a WiiU.

So, I've tried to find out what current and amperage the sensor bar requires, and since I did not find any reliable information I've took a screwdriver, my multimeter and had a look at it.

Tolino Shine: "Akku erschöpft. Bitte laden."

Der Tolino Shine hat offenbar einen fiesen Bug, wenn er zu sehr entladen wird. Sein Display zeigt dann ein trauriges Smiley zusammen mit dem Text  "Akku erschöpft. Bitte laden." an. Aber egal was man macht, er wird weder geladen noch kann man ihn hochfahren. Selbst der Reset-Knopf hilft nicht. In einschlägigen Foren findet man nur den "Tipp", das Gerät einschicken und austauschen zu lassen.

Auto-Update Mercurial production repository

Create a branch 'production' which contains all changes that should went onto the production server:

hg branch production && hg commit -m "Added new branch 'production'"

Clone repo to remote:

hg clone . ssh://user@host//path/to/repository

On the server, switch to production branch:

hg update production

Now add the following hook into the .hg/hgrc:

suphp: distinguish between script owner and process owner

This is a re-post of my mail to the suphp mailing list. Although the behaviour described here is a serious design issue, I've never got any feedback.

The attached patch is some kind of "proof of concept" to solve a security related problem I have with suPHP.

Problem: Run script with file/directory owner threatens the user's files.

ffmpeg: Videos mit "non monotonically increasing timestamps" konvertieren

Wenn ich mit ffmpeg Videos in das x264-Format (in einem mkv-Container) umkodieren will, stoße ich manchmal auf folgende Fehlermeldung:

Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 1: 6010976 >= 6010976
av_interleaved_write_frame(): Invalid argument

Evaluate structured code in JasperReports

JasperReports is a library which can be used to fill reports from Java applications or just create simple PDFs. It allows you to not only use static output strings but also Groovy expressions. Sadly, this is restricted to simple expressions that result in a value and don't generate multiple class files at compile time.

For example, you could use the following expression to print different values depending if your document has more or less than 10 pages:

Mac In A Box

Schonmal versucht, nen Mac Mini in einen 19"-Schrank zu stellen? So geht's:

(anklicken zum Vergrößern)

Thx @ MP45: "ein hoch auf kabelbinder!"

Encrypted files with Flexbackup

Flexbackup is a very nice and flexible tool to create full, incremental and differential backups. But if you store your backups in an untrusted environment you might want do encrypt the created archive files. Flexbackup cannot handle it by default, but there is a very simple way to get the desired results by replacing the default gzip binary with a wrapper file.