Projects and Snippets

This is a short overview of some projects I was involved in. Have also a look at my blog articles tagged with  'hack' or 'snippet' for useful tricks and howtos.

Projects started:

Started a project that uses Python and QtWebKit to created screenshots from headless servers. This project is continued by Admin Nelson on github.
Datengrab (not yet released)
A Dropbox-like open protocol to synchronize files from and to any file storage using a simple SSH connection.
Livebuffer patch for VDR (not yet released)
Initiated the development of a new patch to add a livebuffer (timeshift) feature to VDR.

Contributions to other projects:

vdr-plugin-suspendoutput (a VDR plugin)
Fixed an error that prohibited the shutdown of VDR in some situations.
Firetray (a Thunderbird Add-On)
Fixed a problem on message counting on uncommon IMAP directory structures.
suphp (an Apache module)
Emphasized a security problem in suphp "paranoid" environments and provided a patch to improve security.
USB Relaiskarte of Ulrich Radig
Soldered a USB relay based on a project by Ulrich Radig and heavily improved his C-based firmware for the ATmega.

Drupal modules:

Commerce Price Table
Fixed various issues.
Provided new features.
Fixed varius issues.
Wrote patches to this perl based backup software to read per-directory exclude expressions from files and write the backup into encrypted archives.
Cpufreqd (a CPU frequency daemon)
Created a patch that adds a new 'exec' directive to determine the system's state from the return value of a shell command.


In this category I want to insert various little shell tools and Java libraries that I'm frequently using. But before publishing these, I have to clean up the source and add licensing information.